Come Sit With Me

If you find me huddled in a pit, cold and scared and sad
Reach out your arm to lift me up, stretch out for me your hand

Don’t look down on me, don’t judge my pain, don’t tell me it’s alright
Don’t turn around and walk away, don’t leave me in my plight.

If I don’t reach back to take your hand, if that’s just not my style
Step down here in the pit you see, and sit with me a while

The need is real, please come to me, please meet me where I am
Don’t make me come to where you are, I can’t always be the man

If you need witness, here I am to see you as you are
To love you in your wounded place, not just look from afar

If what you need for me to be is light that shines on you,
I’ll share what light I have to give, it’s strong enough for two

If it’s not light you need from me, but friendship in the dark
Then that is what I’ll give to you and hold you in my heart

I’ll come to you, I’ll be your friend, I’ll gladly walk that mile
Or two or ten, I’ll fill that gap and sit with you a while




The world's most intersectional man.

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Light Squared

Light Squared

The world's most intersectional man.

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